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Out now: “The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume IV: Political Writings 2: On Revolution 1906–1909”

A translation endeavor that began five years ago has finally come to fruition: welcome to the fourth volume of The Collected Works of Rosa Luxemburg containing translations of her political writings from 1906-1909 that revolve around—revolution.

“This 600-page volume is the second of three volumes of the Complete Works devoted to the central theme of Rosa Luxemburg’s life and work—revolution. It contains her writings On Revolution from 1906 to 1909—covering the 1905–06 Russian Revolution, an epoch-making event, and its aftermath. All of the material in the series consists of new translations, from German, Polish, and Russian originals.”

Thanks to the editors, Peter Hudis and Sandra Rein, the work of the other translators, Jacob Blumenfeld, Nicholas Grey, Henry Holland, Zachary Murphy King, Joseph Muller, who have all done a marvelous job, as well as the collective support of the editorial board. And of course, thanks to all those who helped this work evolve in the best way possible.

Keep reading Rosa: there’s much to learn from her!

For those interested in writing up a review, please get in touch with Peter Hudis.

Available from Verso Books as of March 15, 2022.
Hardcover: 9781788738088, Ebook: 9781788738101.