Ready for Pre-order: “The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume V: Political Writings 3: On Revolution 1910–1919”

Welcome to the fifth volume of The Collected Works of Rosa Luxemburg containing translations of her political writings from 1910-1919 that revolve around—revolution.

“This volume is the first to contain all of Luxemburg’s eloquent writings on the 1917 Russian and 1918-19 German Revolutions. It also contains articles, essays and manuscripts on the European socialist movement prior to World War I and her effort to rebuild the socialist movement on revolutionary foundations in its aftermath. Much of this material appears in English for the first time. Her incisive contributions on revolutionary strategy, the German and Russian Revolutions, and the transition to socialism reveal a profound commitment to radical democracy, which becomes evident as she elaborates on her lived experience with razor-sharp conceptualizations of the mass strike. Her democratic commitment is also highlighted in her deepening conflict with the bureaucratic conservatism afflicting the German Social Democratic Party. She is horrified yet at the same time grimly analytical while surveying the unfolding violence and brutality of the First World War. Deeply inspired by Russia’s 1917 upsurge, she is nonetheless compelled to analyze and criticize fatal limitations of the Russian Revolution. Swept up in the revolutionary chaos sweeping through Germany in 1918-1919 which results in her own martyrdom, she gives voice to revolution’s final testament: ‘I was, I am, I shall be.'”

Thanks to the editors, Helen C. Scott and Paul Le Blanc, the work of the other translators, Jacob Blumenfeld, Mathias Foit, Nicholas Grey, Henry Holland, Zachary Murphy King, who have all done a marvelous job, as well as the collective support of the editorial board, including general editor Peter Hudis. And of course, thanks to all those who helped this work evolve in the best way possible.

For those interested in writing up a review, please get in touch with Peter Hudis.

Available from Verso Books as of May 28, 2024.
Hardcover: 9781784782818, Ebook: 9781784782832.

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